Two Street Lights a Day

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The street we were on to photograph Ace Scrap Metal on Sunday was across a drainage ditch from their teal warehouse. This street doesn’t have a name and runs along the St. Louis Lighting Maintenance facilities. In fact, the street … Continued

Italian Scrap

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Sunday was the nicest day, so far, of January. Katie and I had a touch of spring fever so decided to drive around and play photographer instead of being productive. When we set out I had one photograph I wanted … Continued

Green Shag

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I dislike shopping, it makes me anxious unless I have a reason to do it. Katie relaxes by idle shopping, so we often have conflicting ideas about what we want to do with our free time. Last weekend we were out … Continued

Looking East at the Arch

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In general, I don’t have a great sense of direction — being lost is a common occurrence for me. I’ve found that orientation in St. Louis is simple though. The arch is East. This was the view I had of the arch while … Continued

Train Tracks Tire Tracks

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If I have a camera and see parallel lines I take a picture. I like lines. So what? When I took these two pictures I figured I’d edit them to high-contrast black and white to highlight their linearity. I found, however, that … Continued

Red and Blue Fence

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There are a several places around St. Louis that I want to photograph, but I only want to photograph them under the right light conditions. For example, there is this chain-link fence (above) that I pass frequently on my work … Continued

Of Ducks and Things and Dingalings

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I like wildlife, I’ve just never understood the point of getting all gooey about it. Animals are just like people, some are nice nice and lovely and others are just plain jerks. Some are just plain twisted, literally and figuratively. … Continued

Katie’s Ice Capades

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This week at work has been a long haul, so I’m going to post a few of Katie’s photos tonight. Katie was having a good photography day at the Ice Festival. I especially liked the angle she captured on the … Continued

Who gave that kid a bullhorn?

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I wasn’t thrilled with my people shots at the Delmar Loop Ice Festival. So, I decided to deface them all.  Really, I was reminding myself how to get certain text effects in Adobe Illustrator. These things are a piece of … Continued

Delmar Loop Ice Festival

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The crowd control barriers in yesterday’s gif were used for the Delmar Loop Ice Festival. At the festival there is a winter-themed ball, street entertainment and a large number of ice sculptures. Sadly, the festival seemed less of a celebration … Continued