People Corrals

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Alright, I’m not planning on making gif-ing a regular habit. You Can Not Stop Them, They Never Stop.  But I did spend a few hours playing around with the software after making the planetarium gif. Most of what I put together … Continued

The Gif that Keeps on Giving

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The planetarium at the St. Louis Science Center is a 50-year old structure that is uniquely shaped and has a stark white surface. This year they have been coloring that surface with LED light after dark. I wanted to capture the curves … Continued

Memorial Plaza

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To be frank, Memorial Plaza on Market Street is not the nicest place to be in downtown St. Louis. The park is littered with empty beer cans and there are frequently groups of people there publicly emptying them. If you … Continued

Sherwin’s Sheraton

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Before moving to St. Louis in August of 2012 I knew very little about the city. I had driven through it many times but I didn’t have any contacts here so never stopped. My total experience in St. Louis was … Continued

A Little Chocolate Never Hurt

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I love Mexican food, and when I say that I mean the spectrum. I love chips-and-salsa Tex Mex, I love taquerias and Taco Bells, I love chicharrónes, tripa, birreria and menudo, and from the little bit that I’ve had, I love the traditional regional … Continued

Craft Store on a Corner

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I grew up in a household with my mom and three sisters and am now married to a crafty woman. Despite my best efforts I’ve been inside a few craft stores. Craft stores have a unique smell that I couldn’t … Continued

Equal Justice and a Mustang

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Shown here is the front of the United States Court House and Customs House on the corner of Tucker and Market Streets. The building was a New Deal project constructed between 1933-35 and the statue was added in 1939. The … Continued

Totem Animal

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If my family had a totem animal surely it would be a chicken. My mother, who wasn’t particularly fond of chickens, was given chicken-related gifts every Christmas and on most birthdays. I don’t know why or when the practice began … Continued

Angel of War

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Perhaps a misleading title but this picture off a Grand Street bridge reminds me of those impressive photos of military aircraft firing off flares that leave behind angel-wing smoke patterns.I chickened out while photographing this scene and only took one shot. The narrow … Continued