Blurred Lines

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I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for traffic-blur photos. Q: How do you make an overpass look vibrant and sexy?A: Traffic BlurThis photo of the mundane-by-daylight makes me want to forsake my bar, pop my collar and go drink expensive cocktails … Continued

Bad Traffic

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On Sunday St. Louis was walloped with snow. On Monday the snow in the street was deep and all but the stubborn took a day off from work. On Tuesday the roads remained a mess but it was business as … Continued

Virgin Snow

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The wife and I spent a good part of the past couple of years taking photographs. During this time I’ve had the habit of checking my photos as I go to see what I’ve got and to make adjustments as … Continued

Dumb, dumb, dumb

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This is so dumb. Google wants me to use its in-house photo editing software. To entice me it’s been trolling my photos and has “auto-awesomed” [sic] a couple of my snow storm shots by adding animation. To be fair, the … Continued

Cherokee Strong

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During my Sunday search for color in a snow storm I ended up on Cherokee Street. This stretch of road is populated by Hispanic stores, Mexican restaurants, hipster haunts, antique shops and artists. It is rough around the edges but … Continued

People in the Streets

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The above photo is Gravois street during Sunday’s snow storm. When we first arrived to St. Louis, being a noob, I would pronounce the street name as Grav-wah, because I met a French guy once and I am oh-so-cultured. Locals … Continued

Parked Cars

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When I went on my walking tour through the deep snow yesterday I had three goals in mind. First, don’t wreck the camera. To accomplish this I stuffed my camera in plastic sleeve before stepping outside and adjusted my settings … Continued

Abominable Snow Storm

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We got hit by an honest to goodness snow storm today. Since the streets were snowed in I decided the leave the car and go on a walking tour. Others had more confidence in their vehicles. Many others. After helping … Continued

Riverfront Warehouses

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The building above is at Cedar and 2nd near the flood wall. Despite its appearance I believe it is at least partially occupied. I couldn’t tell by what though with a lazy search for signage using Street View in Google … Continued