250 cakes of St. Louis 1

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#1 – Location: Compton Hill Water Tower, Artist: Genevieve Esson OK, so I have criticized the cakes. I do wish that the powers that be had chosen a more St. Louisian symbol than a birthday cake to celebrate the city’s 250th … Continued

Under Pressure

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Highly pressurized gas cylinders found in the train yard. At least they are kept under pristine storage conditions… 


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On my way home tonight I wandered a little further east than I usually do before crossing highway 64 to the south. The bridge I planned on crossing was closed because— duh—  construction. To get home I ended up much, much further … Continued

But I have a gluten sensitivity

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St. Louis turns 250 this year. To celebrate, 250 painted-fiberglass cakes have been commissioned that will be placed around the city.  As of today, 178 locations have been caked. I dunno, I’ve thought about capturing as many cakes as possible as a photography and cycling … Continued


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I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to figure out something clever to say without being wordy. It’s been difficult though because Larry has been over in the corner licking his paws with the regularity of a ticking clocked— he’s … Continued


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Oh, the things people do to their dogs. I typed in, “how do you dye your poodle pink?” into google and found a YouTube video on how its done. The method involves water, food coloring, a spray bottle and your dog … Continued


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I missed another posting last night so I’m going to backdate to keep my record untarnished. It’s OK, I know what I’m doing, I won’t get caught. Last night’s post didn’t make it because I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone over the past week … Continued

To The Dogs

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It’s late, and I’ve been going since 5:30 this morning. Before sitting down to type this I had butchered my way through 30-odd pounds of meat. Squishy work, but we have raw meat processed and portioned for over a month … Continued

StL Wildlife

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Even though Elvis predates my sideburns by over half a century I’ve had the sideburns much longer than I’ve appreciated his music. They are not a homage to the King. Regardless, Elvis is my current music obsession. Well, obsession is the … Continued