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Anyone who follows my online dealings would notice I have an absurdist streak. It flares up when I’m at my most nihilistic because I’m frustrated over something – which, with my current career track and lackluster resume, happens frequently. To relieve … Continued

Just Because 2

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Well, so I was thinking the only way to get better at this photography thing was to push my comfort zone both creatively and technically. To really challenge myself, I looked through my sister’s  Facebook page, the sister that is … Continued

Catching Up

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I just noticed that the blog has just reached as many unique page views as its parent blog, A Day in St. Louis. It has only taken me four times as long to reach that number since changing the name to … Continued

Just Because

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Apparently my niece walks now. This video was shot of her at an Easter egg hunt a week ago. I have no idea why her parents thought Devil horns were appropriate for an Easter egg hunt — they do listen … Continued


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I asked Katie a few weeks ago if I could join a nude-model photography group. Her response was “Nudie pics!” which I assumed meant consent. My rationale was I thought it would be an interesting way to learn portraiture. After … Continued

Eades Bridge

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I was looking through my archives and came across this photo. I took this one last year on the Fourth of July off the Eades Bridge looking down at the crowd exiting the Arch grounds after the fireworks display. I … Continued

Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To…

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Ugh, another long-winded and serious blog post drafted and dumped into the trash. This one discussed religion and why I am agnostic. The whole reason for the topic was so that I could eventually say “whoever wrote Mathew 25:31-46 obviously … Continued

Feeling a Bit Gassy

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Next to the Grand Street MetroLink station is an Airgas stockpile of high-pressure gas cylinders. Because of the pressure, each cylinder has a tremendous amount of stored energy — enough to make them a missile should they develop a sudden … Continued

Happy Easter!

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This post has been hard for me to write. The subject is a gif of Takeshi Murata’s Melter 2 which will be projected nightly on the side of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis through April 27th. It’s trippy, and today is … Continued