250 cakes of St. Louis 3

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No. 21 — Location, Old North St Louis; Artist,  Jack Bowe

This week the total number of cakes posted to comes to 25 — so I’ve reached the 10 % cake club. Since I only have five ready for tonight, instead of ten, I’ll probably post again later in the week to keep on some arbitrary schedule I never said I’d keep. The photography has gone fairly well, though, so I do have another 30 photos ready for post processing. But again, because of my style choice, that step is a little time consuming. 

I’ve also learned a few things about Google maps and even some very light HTML. At some point I’ll be plotting my progress on a map with a link to each photo in the location at which it was taken. I’m overly excited about this but only because I think it’s magic that I can input a bunch of values in a spreadsheet and build a custom map from them. 

It is magic I say.

For the rest of the first 10%:

250 cakes of St. Louis 2

250 cakes of St. Louis 1

No. 22 — Location, Eugene Field House; Artist, Corinne Didisheim

No. 23 — Location, Lafayette Park; Artist, Megan Rieke

No. 24 — Location, Broadway Oyster Bar; Artist, Gina Harmon

No. 25 — Location, The Chess Center; Artist, Screwed Artist Collective

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