250 Cakes of St. Louis 5

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No. 31 — Location, National Blues Museum – MX Complex; Artist, Mark Swain

This week brings the cake total to 40. As I near the 20 % mark I’m noticing I’m going to have to change up my framing more often to keep things interesting.  The photo at top is an attempt at that. As Katie and I walked around downtown on Saturday afternoon we serendipitously passed this cake by where the National Blues Museum is planned. The light at that time was all kinds of funky so I thought it may make for an interesting composition. After taking a few pictures I figured I could make the image more kinetic by showing a blurred car passing the cake. This took me several moments to get the camera settings right and to capture a car in motion. The whole time I was doing this another couple silently waited to take snapshots of their finger puppets (!) with the cake — I guess I was being a cake hog and didn’t know it. 

(!) Actually, the finger puppets weren’t an unusual touch. I’ve observed many cake hunters bringing props along including finger puppets, flat Stanleys, bendy toys, action figures, photographs of deployed relatives, pets and, of course, children. Really, it would be fun to spend a day at a well-visited cake and photograph other people photographing the cake.

The Cake Files:

No. 32 — Location, Fairground Park; Artist, Dan Jaboor 
No. 33 — Location, Annie Malone; Artist, Theresa Hopkins

No. 34 — Location, Jefferson Barracks State Historic Site – Mississippi River Greenway; Artist, Katherine Nelson

No. 35 — Location, Eads Bridge (Arch-Laclede’s Landing MetroLink Station); Artist, Dale Dufer

No. 36 — Location, STL-Style; Artist, STL-Style

No. 37 — Location, Bevo Mill; Artist, Gonz Jove

No. 38 — Location, Bellefontaine Cemetery; Artist, Lindsey Sciaroni

No. 39 — Location, Matthews-Dickey Boy’s & Girl’s Club; Artist, Dail Chambers

No. 40 — Location, St. Louis College of Pharmacy; Artist, Andy Cross
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