250 Cakes of St. Louis 6

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No. 41 — Location, Lyon Park – United States Arsenal; Artist, Tiara Henderson

Today’s cake count brings me to the nifty fifty.

I’m going to be light on text because it’s a nice day and I have, essentially, a brand new bike that I want to ride. The bike isn’t completely new, just a replacement of the frame, front fork and handle bars. The reason for the major overhaul is back when I was photographing cake No. 12, near Powell Hall, I noticed the chain on my bike wobbling curiously on the front-chain ring. Getting the bike tuned didn’t fix the situation. What the mechanics missed, which I’m still annoyed about, was that my bicycle frame was nearly cracked in half where the tubes meet the pedals. This was causing the front-chain ring to wobble when I put my weight on the pedals but not when I turned them by hand. So, telling the bike mechanics that the chain was wobbling was like taking your car into the shop because it’s making a funny noise only to have the car not make that noise when someone knowledgeable is looking at it. Regardless, the 13-year old frame had a lifetime warranty on it, the bike shop I bought it from back in 2001 had record of my receipt, and Trek graciously honored the warranty. The result is I’m basically riding a brand-new $1500 bike which cost me a tenth of that in parts and labor.

The Trek frame warranty is a good warranty. 

The Cake Files:

No. 42 — Location, Lemp Mansion; Artist, Phil Jarvis 
No. 43 — Location, Jay International; Artist, Vince Sciaroni 
No. 44 — Location, Griot Museum of Black History; Artist, Keith Cotton 
No. 45 — Location, Clementine’s; Artist, Earl Miller 
No. 46 — Location, Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion; Artist, April Morrison 
No. 47 — Location, Luvy Duvy’s CafĂ©; Artist, Phil Jarvis 
No. 48 — Location, Soulard Restoration Group; Artist, Rich Brooks

No. 49 — Location, Historic Trinity Lutheran Church; Artist, Mark Hurd 
No. 50 — Location, Ameren; Artist, Rudy Zapf

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