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Vince Waldman


Pluck and Lights is a food and culture blog based in the Pacific Northwest.

About me, I’m a Ph.D. level biochemist. While I no longer dabble in the laboratory that experience does inform how I think today—deeply, and from as many perspectives as possible. That said, I aim to inform and entertain, not be a pedantic ass.

This blog will explore what currently drives my curiosities including food, people and local culture. More specifically, I’m interested in low-brow foods, slow foods, science and outdoor diversions. I’m looking forward to it, there will be recipes, interviews and field trips.

The idea for the name Pluck and Lights came to me years ago when I was paging through the Italian cookbook “The Silver Spoon.” In this context pluck and lights are used to describe swine innards with “pluck” meaning pig hearts and “lights” describing pig lungs.

I like that. If I was ignorant of the origins of the string of words “Pluck and Lights” I would assume that it would refer to something gooey and inspirational with the warm-and-fuzzies. No, while I appreciate the layers of meanings of these words, they were chosen because of gooey biology.