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I do not envy drug addicts. My caffeine fast lasted all of two days before I reintroduced coffee into my diet. It was two days of a mild hell. My head throbbed, my muscles ached, my nose ran and I was so damn sleepy. On the third day I decided going through withdrawals was not worth the effort. Luckily, caffeine is the only drug I’ve ever developed a physical dependence to and it is relatively benign. I can imagine the trials an addict to a dangerous drug has to go through to stop — and I include nicotine as a dangerous drug. 

Of course, the photo above has nothing to do with drug addiction. It’s an artless selfie of me. I’m posting it because I came across a Photoshop tutorial on Phlearn that describes a technique for making the eyes of your subject pop. I’m using the technique heavy handedly here, along with my standard mix of tricks, but there is real potential here for legitimate touch ups. It’s fun, and straightforward, but not something I would have figured out on my own easily. 

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