Catching Up

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I just noticed that the blog has just reached as many unique page views as its parent blog, A Day in St. Louis. It has only taken me four times as long to reach that number since changing the name to Pluck and Lights.  I’m fine with that, I’ve also noticed I get much fewer non-human visitors. So, this blog gets fewer numbers but more people.

Today’s photo is another archive shot. This was taken in Chicago’s China town when I visited the city for a job fair about a year ago. The job fair, unfortunately, didn’t go anywhere but I wasn’t trying very hard. It seemed that everyone was wearing a suit and tie except for me. While I didn’t dress like a slob, I didn’t see the point in getting all starched up to walk around booths to collect corporate swag.  Also, I despise corporate swag — so what was I doing there exactly? Well, to network presumably, but I didn’t meet anyone I was much interested in talking to. So, after ducking out of the fair early I went to China Town in search of one my favorite dishes, Sichuan pork intestines. Unfortunately, the Chinese bistro I went to didn’t have that so I settled for a cumin lamb stir fry instead. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was certainly better than being over dressed and eating fast food at the convention center. 

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