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In addition to Larry the beagle we also have Maggie cat. Like other cats she is a needy beast until she’s got your attention — then she wants nothing to do with you. Maggie is named after an old friend of ours that doesn’t much care for animals and hides behind a claimed universal allergy to maintain her distance from them. Whether or not she is actually allergic will be a hotly debated topic for years to come.

Maggie was my biggest distraction on Monday. I had called in sick from work because I was under the weather but I ended up working all day on my home computer because I was bored and home was quiet. For some reason, Maggie cat becomes single-mindedly a lap cat if I am staring at a screen and pecking away at the keyboard. After brushing her away a few times, she finally took the hint and took this position on a pull-out writing shelf on the desk I was working at (in the picture she’s in a window but she had the same paws-over-the-edge pose on the desk). She sat like this for about a half hour, staring at me, as if I had wronged her. I made it up to her later by ignoring her the rest of the day.

Photo by K.


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