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Anyone who follows my online dealings would notice I have an absurdist streak. It flares up when I’m at my most nihilistic because I’m frustrated over something – which, with my current career track and lackluster resume, happens frequently. To relieve stress, I try to make myself laugh with visual and verbal non sequitors. Not everyone gets it  actually, a surprising number of people take me at face value  but that’s fine by me, others’ reactions become part of the joke.

That said, while I haven’t yet found the voice for this blog I don’t want it to always be the joke that only a narrow audience gets. So, enough already with the niece gifs. Today’s post is more sincere, it’s simply an image I rather liked. The photo is a shallow-depth-of-field shot of Eugene Field’s cutthroat razor. It can be found in his field house museum in downtown St. Louis. 

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