Delmar Loop Ice Festival

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The crowd control barriers in yesterday’s gif were used for the Delmar Loop Ice Festival. At the festival there is a winter-themed ball, street entertainment and a large number of ice sculptures. Sadly, the festival seemed less of a celebration of frozen art and more for the purpose of bringing in shopping dollars. Not that I find anything wrong with that, it’s just the many of the ice sculptures reflected that uncreative reality. The photo above sums up my cynical view of them. I am, however, a curmudgeon at heart, most others seemed content as there was enough beer, diversions and sculptures to keep people entertained. 

Visually speaking the ice sculptures did have an interesting property of picking up colors from their backgrounds. The second photo is supposed to be the late great James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. I didn’t see it, but with the blue and red stripes in the background it did remind me of Shepard Fairey’s ‘Hope’ poster of Barack Obama. The third photo, in the same red and blue color scheme, looks to me like the T-shirt was positioned rather specifically the color in the mustached chef.

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