Disco Kat

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Johnnie Brock’s Party Warehouse  bills itself as the largest store in the universe. Perhaps not, but they do have an impressive 25,000 square feet of retail space devoted to mostly costumes — so if you are in need of a sexy-creepy clown costume, you could do worse. We ended up there recently because we thought they may have some interesting after-Halloween specials.  Alas no. Because they occupy the costume niche so successfully, and because they operate year round, there were no deep post-holiday discounts like you see in the big box stores.  They did have a 50 % off table, however, in the back. Mixed in with expected useless bric-a-brac were some ridiculously cheap mirrored balls. Since we’ve been waiting for a good sale on mirrored balls we snatched one up. Here the cat is showing interest in our new purchase. The dog is terrified of it.


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