Great Forest Park Balloon Glow

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This Saturday was the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. The night before the race there is a glow where most of the balloons are inflated and lit up so they can be enjoyed in the dark. It’s a neat event, there are a lot of balloons and the average spectator gets more access than I was expecting. When we first showed up the balloons were fenced off until they were inflated. Once everyone had their balloons off the ground the fences were opened to allow you to peruse and interact with the crews.

Most of the time the balloons are dim and only received an occasional shot of fire to placate the crowd or to top off the hot air. In an effort to create photo-ops, however, they would blast an air horn every five to ten minutes and all the pilots were supposed to flame their balloons at the same time. The first two photos were taken during these synchronized blasts.

The final photo was the last bit of light before the sun went down. This photo was taken in ‘auto’ mode and no filters were applied in processing — so the color is close to true. It was a clear, cool and gorgeous evening for the glow. The ground was a little muddy but I think that’s to be expected with a crowd this size.


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