Green Shag

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I dislike shopping, it makes me anxious unless I have a reason to do it. Katie relaxes by idle shopping, so we often have conflicting ideas about what we want to do with our free time. 

Last weekend we were out running errands and Katie wanted to stop by Green Shag, an antique mall, on the way home. I consider antique malls as the deepest level of idle-shopping hell. This store is different though. The space is airy and lit with Christmas lights, the sound track is decidedly gay dance party and the inventory is fun.  We have left there a few times with things we didn’t know we needed until we went in. 

There is a chance, though, that we have no need for crocheted-poodle-liquor bottle cozies. Perhaps we could use them for presents. Come to think of it, I know a few people I would like to give these to.

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  1. Steph & Brian

    Just to be clear, we do not need crocheted-poodle cozies for our liqour. My gin and vodka are just fine in the bottles they were born in, thank you.

    But if you were going for a certain hipster, kitsch, retro look they would be a helluva an addition to a bar that could only be fun if it were ironic.

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