Ho ho ho

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I’ve been posting a lot of archive shots lately for two reasons. First, I enjoy being a tourist through my own work  it’s interesting which shots I liked back then and which ones I like now. Sure, my past and present preferences overlap, but not always. The difference, I think, is that I’m not as biased now by my original vision, and whether or not that vision was achieved, than on day I took the shot. So, I’m seeing the photo in a different light. My second reason for mining the archives is, I fear, that I’ve been lazy. There isn’t much new material to draw from because I haven’t taken the time to shoot.  Worse, I’ve been drooling over new photography gear during my turn at sloth. 

Let’s not be that guy shall we?

The spray of color above is from a mistake. I bumped my tripod while taking pictures of Christmas lights back in December. The effect was interesting enough though to try to recreate it. Of course, none of my deliberate attempts turned out as well. 

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