Just Because 2

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Well, so I was thinking the only way to get better at this photography thing was to push my comfort zone both creatively and technically. To really challenge myself, I looked through my sister’s  Facebook page, the sister that is the most tolerant of this kind of thing, and started downloading pictures of meals that I thought looked good to eat. I then decided to put my niece dancing in her Motorhead T-shirt (not Photoshopped) on top of the food.  

It was a lot of effort but I believe you will agree this is one of my most important pieces.*

*Now that I’ve watched this a few times I realize I forgot a series with her Chicago Hot Dog Salad dish. She forgot the celery salt and sport peppers on that salad though so I don’t think it really counted.

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  1. Steph & Brian

    I found celery salt on my shelves yesterday and used it in deviled eggs…I have no recollection of purchasing it but it was an unopened bottle.

  2. Vince

    I had a rather vivid dream last night that your daughter was allergic to celery seed and died from eating it. In the same dream I put my camera and a bottle of gin in my backpack which resulted in a lot of spilled gin and a ruined camera.

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