Kingshighway Skate Park

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I had high hopes for cake hunting on Sunday. My plan was to leave the house by 7:00 AM and then conquer all of the cakes of North St. Louis before noon. Sunday morning was bitter cold though so I got a much later start than I intended. Then, once I began my tour, and had cycled several miles, I realized I had left my map at home. After returning to collect it I decided it would be best to stop by work before continuing the tour. When I left work I left my map behind again necessitating another backtrack. So instead of conquering the North by noon, I ended up arriving there by mid afternoon. Not the most efficient start to my day…   

Another reason why I was delayed from cake photography is that I was distracted by something I didn’t know existed until I stumbled across it–a DIY skate park hidden in plain sight. The park is beneath the bridge located at Kingshighway and Bischoff Avenue. This bridge is the same disintegrating bridge I discussed a few days ago. The only reason I was beneath it was because it would be suicide to bike over it 
– I was looking for an alternative route to get to the other side.

Now, I’ve been under the bridge many times including the hour Katie and I spent observantly photographing its underside a few days prior  so I was gobsmacked that I’ve never noticed the park before. I have always passed beneath the bridge on its north end, however, and the skate park is on the south end. Really, the placement of the park is perfect because few people besides skaters know it’s there. It is well concealed. 

Unfortunately, it was too cold when I visited for skaters to be out, so I couldn’t get any action shots. It was an interesting space though so I will be posting about it for a few days. 

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