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We ended up at the Missouri Botanical Garden Glow the other night. Basically, the gardens are decorated with Christmas lights. It’s a little expensive but well executed and fun and there are so few things that are worth getting outside for on a December evening. Unfortunately, the night we went was the last of the cheap nights and it was warm. This translated to there being abundance of people and a restriction on the use of tripods. Oh well, since I was frustrated by the inability to get reliably stable shots, I ended up taking a lot of deliberately out of focus pictures because I was more interested in the colors and lights than things.

Above is one thing in focus. It’s a glowing ball on a stick that is planted in the ground. By itself it wouldn’t make for much of a display but I enjoy the patterns and colors in the close up photograph. The gardens, of course, had a field of these. 

Below are out of focus Christmas tree lights that remind me of gold sequins. 

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