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Well now, is being raised up from This may take some time while I figure out the platform and finish some professional obligations. READ MORE

City Garden Fountain

It’s the beginning of Katie’s last week in St. Louis. On Friday we had a farewell dinner with her coworkers and last night we held a dinner party with friends. As per usual,... READ MORE


Where has Pluck and Lights been? Is she dead? Asleep, maybe, but not dead. This blog was originally conceived as a ‘daily photo’ blog. In that regard it’s become a failure over the... READ MORE

Great Balls of Fire

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I know precious little about hot air ballooning. Sure, you put a load-bearing basket under an envelope of hot air and things go up, up, up. But the actual mechanics of piloting a balloon? I’m clueless. The glow was the … Continued

Larry on an Zebra

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K and I ended up at the zoo on Sunday. One of the pictures I wanted was a zebra I could use to make a Larry-as-Don-Quixote image. I got the zebra pictures but I didn’t have a good beagle picture … Continued

A Park of Art

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The two art museums we visited yesterday are next to one another on Washington Boulevard. This street has a number of fantastic parking signs. Above is one example in pink and purple. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the lighting on … Continued

Shadow Puppets

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We went to the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and the Pulitzer Foundation of the Arts today. These three photos are all of the same Anthony McCall installation found at the CAM. Over time the light moved, slowly, projecting different shapes on the … Continued

Hooka-Smoking Beagle

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It’s sad that Hooka Larry has gained too much weight to wear his Nehru jacket. The only tobacco I indulge in is a very occasional cigar. I’ve tried a hooka once. Hooka tobacco comes in flavors like apple, cherry and … Continued

Naughty Tomato

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We stopped by Global Foods the other day in Kirkwood. It’s a unique international market in that you can shop for exotic ingredients and pick up most standard groceries in the same store. Next to the chickens’ feet are boneless-skinless … Continued


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This is my first time just playing around with Illustrator outside of following tutorials. Obviously, I’m ripping off  Spaceman Spiff from Calvin and Hobbes. I especially like the preset color palettes of the program. They make choosing attractive color combinations … Continued

Spinning Rides and Silhouettes

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I thought the spinning rides at the carnival made for a striking background for photographing silhouettes. The guys operating the rides, naturally, made the most convenient subjects. The top photo was one of my favorites from the evening because of … Continued

A Colorful Close-Up

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Vendors at the Hispanic Festival were selling these bespoke light fixtures made out of tessellated plastic pieces that were simply snapped together. This is a close-up of two spherical-shaped fixtures. While clever and colorful these will no doubt look dated in … Continued