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Well now, is being raised up from This may take some time while I figure out the platform and finish some professional obligations. READ MORE

City Garden Fountain

It’s the beginning of Katie’s last week in St. Louis. On Friday we had a farewell dinner with her coworkers and last night we held a dinner party with friends. As per usual,... READ MORE


Where has Pluck and Lights been? Is she dead? Asleep, maybe, but not dead. This blog was originally conceived as a ‘daily photo’ blog. In that regard it’s become a failure over the... READ MORE

Fair Hopping

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As Katie mentioned we spent Saturday evening fair hopping between the Polish Festival, the Hispanic Heritage Festival and the St. Joan of Arc’s homecoming carnival. Both of the nationalistic events were too loud and crowded for our tastes so we … Continued

September 8, 2013

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Last night we tried our luck at three different events: the Polish Festival, the Hispanic Festival, and this catholic school’s homecoming carnival.  The first, while it was advertised as open to the public, was filled to the brim with large … Continued

Devilish Eggs

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I hard boiled twenty-three eggs this morning and not one of them peeled cleanly. This is what you get for boiling fresh eggs — older ones peel easier. These are egg salad eggs. -Vince

Hey Diddle Diddle

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Over the past year my dog Larry has become the subject of many Photoshop projects. This was the first project, however, where I used the official Photoshop software. Before a few weeks ago I had been using Pixlr, a free … Continued

Serendipitous Flash

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Another image from the candle lit walk in MOBOT’s Japanese garden. While I was trying to get a long exposure shot of the bridge, this group was getting their picture taken. This isn’t the most balanced image, but I do … Continued

Those Drums

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One of the biggest attractions of the annual Missouri Botanical Garden’s Japanese Festival are the Osuwa Taiko drummers. Hundreds of people sit outside to listen to their rhythms as they athletically pound their drums. These shots hopefully convey the kinetic nature … Continued