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Well now, is being raised up from This may take some time while I figure out the platform and finish some professional obligations. READ MORE

City Garden Fountain

It’s the beginning of Katie’s last week in St. Louis. On Friday we had a farewell dinner with her coworkers and last night we held a dinner party with friends. As per usual,... READ MORE


Where has Pluck and Lights been? Is she dead? Asleep, maybe, but not dead. This blog was originally conceived as a ‘daily photo’ blog. In that regard it’s become a failure over the... READ MORE

Dirty Bird

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Mom turned 60 last weekend and we celebrated by going to Grant’s Farm. This handsome fellow was one of Grant’s exotic birds that had escaped his perch. He was landborne, and was slowly making his way towards the fence and … Continued

DayQuil Tinted Glasses

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I’m playing hooky from work today. It’s legit, my sinuses were inflamed yesterday and today I have a cough and a fever. Still, I don’t like calling in sick; it’s tough to keep experimental momentum in biochemical research, and this has put … Continued

Lemon Katie

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I was reading a tutorial today on making double exposures with DSLRs. The tutorial was specific for Canon 5D Mark III cameras, which have a more robust multiple exposure function than my Nikon 5200, but I found I am still … Continued

Chicken Little

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In lieu of a grassy lawn our landlord has planted the backyard with leafy plants and perennial flowers. We let the dogs trample through it but they don’t make a dent in the vegetation. The plants are rugged, hardened by … Continued

Mystique-ish Photoshop

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Alright, so take a perfectly good iris highlight and turn it into something cartoony and dumb. This is my playing around with layer masks in Photoshop. Somehow, I’ve made it a long time without figuring out that layer masks make … Continued


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I do not envy drug addicts. My caffeine fast lasted all of two days before I reintroduced coffee into my diet. It was two days of a mild hell. My head throbbed, my muscles ached, my nose ran and I … Continued

Fire Fire

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Short post tonight: I decided to give up caffeine for awhile and today is day one of the fast – horrible, horrible flu-like symptoms. This fire is a good representation of what’s going on in my skull. 

Ho ho ho

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I’ve been posting a lot of archive shots lately for two reasons. First, I enjoy being a tourist through my own work – it’s interesting which shots I liked back then and which ones I like now. Sure, my past and present preferences … Continued


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Anyone who follows my online dealings would notice I have an absurdist streak. It flares up when I’m at my most nihilistic because I’m frustrated over something – which, with my current career track and lackluster resume, happens frequently. To relieve … Continued

Just Because 2

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Well, so I was thinking the only way to get better at this photography thing was to push my comfort zone both creatively and technically. To really challenge myself, I looked through my sister’s  Facebook page, the sister that is … Continued