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Well now, is being raised up from This may take some time while I figure out the platform and finish some professional obligations. READ MORE

City Garden Fountain

It’s the beginning of Katie’s last week in St. Louis. On Friday we had a farewell dinner with her coworkers and last night we held a dinner party with friends. As per usual,... READ MORE


Where has Pluck and Lights been? Is she dead? Asleep, maybe, but not dead. This blog was originally conceived as a ‘daily photo’ blog. In that regard it’s become a failure over the... READ MORE

Who’s Who at Comic Con

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Katie and I hung out today in front on the St. Louis Comic Con to see the people in costume. We weren’t disappointed. The attendants put a lot of time and effort into dressing up and were also generally happy … Continued

Roadside Memorial

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This is the roadside memorial for Jada Williams, a 15-year old who died when the car she was a passenger in ran a stop sign, hit another car, and crashed into a tree. The images of the accident are horrific, … Continued

250 Cakes of St. Louis 4

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No. 26 — Location, Cherokee Business District; Artist, Sophia Dalphias-Brown Running late again so I will run light on the text. These five photos bring the cake hunt total to 30 — only 220 to go. In this series, I especially like No. … Continued

Pollocky Squirrel

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I have spent the evening writing a paper for work and am now having difficulty transitioning from my science voice to my blog voice. They are rather – uh – distinct. So let’s keep this simple. This is picture of a squirrel taken in … Continued

Mastodon State Historic Site

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Sunday found us at the Mastodon State Historic Site. It’s a nice little park and worth stopping by if you are in the area. Upon arrival, Katie and I were placed in a dark room – by ourselves – to watch a 15-minute video concerning … Continued

250 cakes of St. Louis 3

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No. 21 — Location, Old North St Louis; Artist,  Jack Bowe This week the total number of cakes posted to comes to 25 — so I’ve reached the 10 % cake club. Since I only have five ready for tonight, instead of … Continued

Faring Purth

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Faring Purth recently painted a 4,000 sq ft mural named ‘Prime’ on the side of a Family Dollar off Cherokee Street. I hadn’t heard of it before the River Front Times wrote about the piece — I love her style and … Continued

Beggin’ for Mercy

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Oh, I generally despise cute things on dogs. If you are going to do it though it’s best if your dog is in on the joke. I believe Larry despises cute things on dogs too. He received a Beggin’ Strip … Continued

DIY Skate Park

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The more poking around on the internet I’ve done the more significant this skate park seems to me. From what I’ve seen on the web this entire park was built through donations, fundraisers and volunteer work. And, as I currently … Continued