Red and Blue Fence

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There are a several places around St. Louis that I want to photograph, but I only want to photograph them under the right light conditions. For example, there is this chain-link fence (above) that I pass frequently on my work commute. The fence is rusty, it has faded vinyl inserts, it has chains and locks and signs and vines and barbed wire  the damn thing just oozes character. I find the fence interesting to look at but I never pass it when the light is right and have my camera in hand.

So I bide my time, but I need another work-in-progress like I need a busted lip. 

I think the only way to approach these things are to be methodical in my approach. Set up a spreadsheet or sumtin’ or other, of things I want to photograph, and how, that I can refer to when I have time and light and a camera.

For now, I can offer a close up to feed the blog beast.  

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