Two Street Lights a Day

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The street we were on to photograph Ace Scrap Metal on Sunday was across a drainage ditch from their teal warehouse. This street doesn’t have a name and runs along the St. Louis Lighting Maintenance facilities. In fact, the street itself was lined with various kinds of utility poles and street lamps. These things aren’t cheap, so I was surprised they were the public side of the chain-link fence, shown above. Perhaps their location is quick access though. Apparently, an average of two street lights a day are toppled by St. Louis traffic (!$$$). At least that is Katie tells me, who has an ear on such things.

I should note that it is possible the street we were on wasn’t public access. There was no signage declaring we were on restricted property but the street was bracketed at the ends with open gates. We figured if someone had the opinion we were trespassing Katie could have used her professional credentials to get us out of a jam. I mean, she knows a guy.

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