You’ll Poke Your Eye Out Kid

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There are a series of billboards around St. Louis for the personal injury attorneys Brown and Brown. Of the two Brown wears an eye patch in the ad – hold on, let me see if I can find it through Google, ah yes, perfect, here is Brown and his eye patch at the top of a Buzzfeed-sketchy-lawyer-billboard-thread. I have no idea how good of a lawyer Mr. Brown is but that eye patch must work wonders for his business. That one accessory, and who it’s on, makes it one of few memorable billboards I can recall – and I’ve been on a highway, I’ve seen lots of billboards.

The only reason I bring this up is because I like Dale Chihuly’s artwork – a lot – and Dale wears an eye patch. I find it suggestive that Chihuly’s glass sculptures are full of sharp-eye-pokey projections, but the truth of the injury is much more mundane. Glass was involved, but Dale damaged his eye in a car accident.

Today’s post is more cheap flower shots taken at MOBOT – the top arch is a Chihuly if you couldn’t tell. 

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